Intervention that works

The Employability Operating System (eOS) allows schools to better support the character development needs of all students. Some of the most important work happens at the Tier 1 level where we have established an ecosystem of intervention. The later tiers require staff to
Frame, Organize, Connect, Understand, and Solve issues.


School-wide collection and measurement of soft skills.

Focus Notes

Wrap around issues and form solutions in real time while documenting interventions.

Focus Taps

Positive & negative behavioral elements to quickly report behaviors.


Provide individual plans for students who need consistancy and tracking.


Track individual goals for students.


Data based on thresholds to helps users respond accordingly.

Program Instruments

Life Support Program is a framework for systematically using data to provide specific educational resources
and support to improve instructional approaches for all teachers.

PBIS Made Digital

eOS is a web-based framework that schools use to better meet the behavioral needs of all students.

Workforce Preparation

eOS aids schools in developing the employability of students through daily measurement of student choices.

Professional Learning

eOS enables teachers to digitally collaborate and wrap around student needs.


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